Rules and Waiver





Contest is open to all Australian residents 18 years or older. Employees of OMC Burgers & Bar. are not eligible to enter.

2.   TO ENTER:

CAREFULLY READ THESE OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES AND ENTRY FORM FOR THE OMC BURGERS & BARBURGER EATING COMPETITION 2021 INCLUDING THE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY PROVISIONS. Once read, please tick the box in the sign up form online. All entry forms and photos from the challenge become the property of OMC Burgers & Bar.




There will be a single round of competition for contestants. Competition will run for 30 minutes, as each contestant attemptsto eat and finish a 2KG Burger during this time frame. The winner is judged by the amount of complete Burger consumedduring this time. Winners will be decided by OMC Burgers & Bar.  Official Judges. OMC Burgers & Bar reserves the rightto disqualify any contestant it deems unfit to participate without explanation. Their decision is final and will not benegotiated.


Contestants may eat either sitting or standing in their pre-designated area using their hands only. A contestant must eat the Burger and bun to finish. Contestants may eat paddy and buns separately and are permitted to dunk Burger in waterprovided. A contestant must wait for the starting

signal to begin eating and may not touch the Burgers prior to the starting signal. A contestant must stop

eating and must promptly place their hands down on the table or at their side at the 30th minute mark deemed by thestopwatch. A contestant may not put any additional food in their mouth after the ending signal but will be allowed 15seconds to swallow any food already in their mouth. If a contestant regurgitates, he or she will be disqualified. Judges will beon hand to assure adherence to contest rules and to disqualify a contestant who fails to adhere to the rules. 

Grounds for disqualification to enter include:

•         False or incomplete entry form or liability waiver

•         Any health risks that could jeopardise the contestant’s health or well being

•         Under the influence of any substance

•         Appearance is deemed inappropriate by OMC Burgers & Bar staff

•         Starting prior to the start signal

•         Continuing to eat after the ending signal

•         Failure to completely eat a Burger and bun before beginning to eat another Burger and bun.



Winners will be determined by:


•         Eating the most of their Burger and bun in the allocated 30-minute time frame.

•         An award will be given to one person.




Prizes will be awarded as follows:


Contestant who eats the most Burger within the allotted time of 30 minutes will receive:


•         1 Burger winner trophy

•         OMC Burgers & Bar. prize pack

•         $100 Gift Voucher.

Bragging rights as the ‘Top Dog’ in OMC Burgers & Bars first ever Burger Eating Competition 


All participants agree to the use of their name, voice, likeness, and city/town/village for advertising or trade purposes and tocooperate reasonably in any effort to promote or publicise The OMC Burgers & Bar Burger Eating Competition. Apart from the prizes associated with being selected as a winner, OMC Burgers & Bar. shall not be obligated to compensate you in anyway for such publicity.




Contestant acknowledges that there are risks of personal injury, illness and possible loss of life, and risks of damage to orloss of personal property, which may result from participating in this contest. Contestant voluntarily enters The OMC Burgers & Bar Burger Eating Competition and assumes all of these risks. Contestant, as a condition of entry, agrees toindemnify, defend and hold harmless OMC Burgers & Bar and affiliated companies, their vendors, their advertising,promotion and public relations agencies, co- sponsoring companies and their affiliates and agencies, and all officers,directors, employees and agents of the aforesaid entities, from any and all claims and costs, including attorneys’ fees,relating to, arising from or in connection with participation in this contest or the receipt or use of any prize. In so doing,contestant releases and indemnifies the aforesaid entities and individuals from liability for injuries or damages of any kindarising from or in connection with participation in this contest or the receipt or use of any prize. In no event shall OMC Burgers & Bar be liable to a contestant for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the challenge or that Contestant'sparticipation in the challenge.




OMC Burgers & Bar has sole and complete discretion regarding all contest related matters. All decisions regardingdisqualification of a contestant(s) or winner(s) shall be subject to the sole and complete discretion of OMC Burgers & Bar. You can be disqualified for any reason at any time.




I certify that the information provided is correct and that I have carefully read, understand, and accept the terms of TheOMC Burgers & Bar. Burger Eating Competition Official Contest Rules and Entry Form. My signature indicates myunderstanding and assumption of the risks and my voluntary participation in this contest.






I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless OMC Burgers & Bar trustees, employees, agents and assigns from anyand all liability, damage, claim of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in any way related to my/participating in thisBurger Eating Competition. Participating in any activity is an acceptance of some risk of injury. I agree that my safety isprimarily dependent upon my taking proper care of myself. I assume all risks related to the activities. In case of anemergency, I do hereby authorise and consent to any medical treatment or care deemed advisable.


I have read and agree to comply with the rules and regulations of The OMC Burgers & Bar Burger Eating Competition 2021.My signature below indicates that I have read, understand and have freely signed this agreement. I expressly agree that thisagreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with Australian Laws.